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Water Analysis Equipment

Sell Water Analysis in Medan

PT. Mitra Kharisma Perkasa Jual Water Analysis In Medan, is used to identify and measure the chemical components and properties of water samples. The type and sensitivity of the analysis depends on the objectives of the analysis and anticipated use of water. Water Analysis is carried out on water used in industrial processes, in the flow of wastewater, in rivers, in rainfall and in the sea. In all cases, the results of the analysis provide information that can be used to make a decision or to guarantee that the condition is as expected. The chosen analytic parameters are chosen to be suitable for the decision making process or to establish acceptable normality. PT. Mitra Kharisma Perkasa Jual Water Analysis In Medan, it is often the basis of studies on water quality, pollution, hydrology and geothermal water. Analytical methods that are routinely used can detect and measure all natural elements and their inorganic compounds and various types of organic chemistry that are very extensive using methods such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. In water treatment plants that produce drinking water and in some industrial processes using products with distinctive taste and odor, special organoleptic methods can be used to detect odors at very low concentrations.

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